Sophie Linder-Lee


The Biograph Girl

Finborough Theatre

Sophie appears as Mary Pickford "The Biograph Girl" in the musical of the same title at the Finborough Theatre.

Commissioned by the Finborough Theatre as part of their acclaimed ‘Celebrating British Music Theatre’ series, the first professional UK production since its 1980 premiere, The Biograph Girl by Warner Brown and David Heneker.   

Weaving together the heartbreaks and triumphs of the flawed genius director D. W. Griffith and the first movie stars Lilian Gish and Mary Pickford, The Biograph Girl is a love letter to the stardust and scandals of the silent movie era. 

"Terrific Sophie Linder-Lee...invests her with a soaring soprano, killer tap moves, a delightful sense of fun but also strongly suggests a woman not to be messed with."


"Sophie Linder-Lee’s Mary Pickford has vim"


"It is very easy to fall in love with the burst of energy that Sophie Linder-Lee brings"


If we could hear Mary sing… she would have Linder-Lee’s ass-kicking exuberance!


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